Virtuous Women
President: Marva Knotts


 Purpose:       To provide the Ladies an opportunity to come together in fellowship, that we may develop trusting relationships, and provide spiritual encouragement to each other. The meeting provides the means for us to collectively study the Word of God, focusing on the role of the woman which God has called us to fulfill, each woman’s personal spiritual growth and her role in the home, church and the community.


Vision:          Our provision is that the ladies of Cornerstone will continue to gain wisdom and knowledge as they study the Word of God to increase their personal spiritual growth. 
Goal:            To help each woman understand the importance of balancing their role in the home, church and the community; with their family being the priority.
Meeting:      1st Saturday of each month from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. Officers are elected every two years.
  July 2018  
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