Hospitality Committee

Purpose:  To personally greet and thank all first-time visitors who attend our church at any given time. To make sure they feel welcomed during and after their visit to our Church. We invite all first time visitors to fellowship with us in our “Blue Room” where they receive a gift for attending our service. Light refreshments are served and visitors are personally introduced to our Pastor and First Lady immediately after each morning service. 

Vision:  To model God’s message of hope, power and love in the community we serve and beyond.  Modeling God’s message is extremely important because sometimes the only picture of Christ that other people will see is the picture that is shown to them by those of us who are Disciples of Christ. To increase our church membership by informing visitors that we are a Christ-centered Bible teaching ministry and invite them to become a member of Cornerstone Baptist Church if they do not have a Church home.     

Goal:  Because we are a “family church”, we want every member to know each member of the Church and we promise that you will grow in your personal relationship with Christ. Our goal is to strengthen the believer in the knowledge of God so that you may be able to grow in your personal relationship with Christ.

Meeting:  1st Monday of each month - 6:30 PM





  September 2018  
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