Education Committee
Chairperson: Riachelle Blake


Purpose:  Our purpose is to provide a supportive and encouraging atmosphere for all high school graduates who are members of Cornerstone Baptist Church; and empowering actively involved graduates the opportunity to reach their potential goal.    

Vision:     Our vision is to provide scholarships for high school graduates who are active members of Cornerstone Baptist Church and pursing higher education.  The high intention and sincere effort of this scholarship are to assist 

Duties:     Use a team approach with planning, initiating and executing innovative fundraiser projects.

                  Inform graduates and their parents of Educational Fundraising Committee Policy. 

                  Research and inform graduates of other available scholarships and educational financial aid. 

                  Facilitate the tutoring program, Maximizing Academic Potential Ministry (MAP-M)

Meetings:   Fourth Monday of each month, at 7 p.m. 


  July 2018  
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