Deacon Family Ministry
Chairman: Deacon Lloyd Coley


Deacon Family Ministry


                                           Deacon Lloyd Coley                                    254-698-6920

                                           Deacon Fabian Bailey                                 254-699-0936

                                            Deacon James Broussard                        254-690-1638

                                            Deacon Luther Benjamin                         254- 298-9306

                                            Deacon Eddie Corbett                              254-690-6755

                                            Deacon Linda Jackson                              254-501-4945

                                            Deacon Robert Dixon                               254-628-9883                                         

                                            Deacon Joann Sanford                             254-698-7189

                                            Deacon Steven Steele                              254-699-2130

                                            Deacon Kirk Washington                         254-338-4825

                                            Deacon Janice Wilson                              254-501-7076

                                            Deacon Dallas Matthews                        254-247-6034

                                            Deacon Kelcey Zackery                            254-699-3925

                                            Deacon Curtis Harris                                254-319-1239

                                             Deacon Philip Franklin                            254-458-7942

                                             Deacon Alaric Foster                               254-258-1514

Purpose:       Living and modeling Christ’s character as servant-leaders caring for and working to meet the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the church body.  Helping our church and community become closer to Christ by using our spiritual gifts to fulfill our church’s purpose statement, through individual accountability, shared team ministry, prayer and encouragement.


Inspirational Scriptures:          Matthew 20:25-28     &      I Peter 4:10


Deacon Ministry Must Address the Needs of the Whole Person and the Church:

                                        †      Intellectual/Emotional

                                        †      Physical

                                        †      Spiritual

                                        †      Social

  July 2018  
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